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Welcome to According to Ayurveda TV - Letter from Aneesha Holaday

Perhaps this is the first time you have visited ATATV or perhaps you have visited many times before hoping some day something would happen. Finally positive changes are about to occur which will take ATATV to the next level. Firstly we will become “According to Ayurveda and Yoga” We believe that Ayurveda and Yoga are not only connected through their common roots, but are interconnected in terms of health benefits. For this reason we are broadening our data base and educational materials to include yoga as it pertains to health. We are designing a completely new, dynamic web-site which will be easily accessible and a place where all questions on ayurveda and yoga can be answered. For the past eighteen months we have been developing a new format of video and a simpler more accessible means of accessing educational materials through our web-site.

Ann HoladayACCORDING TO AYURVEDA & YOGA  INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization.  The goal of this professional organization is to put the words “ayurveda and yoga” on the lips of every person in the world, not only to say the words, but to know what they mean. We truly believe that if the principles of ayurveda and yoga where practiced globally, our world would be a very different place in all aspects of human life.   

It is through the combined effort of the association that a repository of educational and information materials will be available in the form of videos, MP3’s, blogs and short articles on topics related to physical mental and spiritual health from the perspective of ayurveda and yoga. All material will be in English, everyday language aimed at the general population who maybe curious about ayurveda and yoga or are interested in bringing ayurveda and yoga into their lives.

A profile of each member of According to Ayurveda & Yoga International Association will be listed on the web-site giving details of how they can be contacted and the services they provide such as courses, retreats, treatment centers, books and on-line consultations. Only yoga centers which include ayurveda will be included. The web-site is not quite ready but if you contact me, Aneesha Holaday at aneesha@atatv.org, as members you will be listed as soon as the web-site is launched.

According to Ayurveda and Yoga is hosting an internet radio program starting January 8th 2015. This program will be broadcast worldwide on Voice America, www.voiceamerica.com at 12 noon Pacific USA time. It will be a 1 hour per week, 13-week pilot series on all aspects of ayurveda and yoga. it will repeat at 3am Eastern Time which will catch all other time zones. The program will be shown on the web-site and can be accessed in iTunes.

The radio show will give According to Ayurveda and Yoga tremendous, initial exposure, so it is important to have as much material as possible listed as the program will attract many visitors to the web-site.

Kind Regards   
Aneesha Holaday    

Owner - According to Ayurveda & Yoga
President - According to Ayurveda & Yoga International Association  



Mission Statement
Our goal is to bring the knowledge of ayurveda into every life by raising the awareness of ayurveda’s deep and fundamental principles through the education of all peoples from the very young to the very old, in every corner of the world.


Events and Opportunities

According to Ayurveda TV Channel was launched in February 2012 broadcasting 24x7 on-demand programs on the basic principles of Ayurveda. ATA channel player software works on Windows and Apple OS. Please go to “How to install” section of this web-site to watch programs.

For Problems with Software Installation Please contact ATA Technology department tech@atatv.org

Courses related to ayurveda can be offered globally through ATA Channel
You may be interested in offering courses on ayurveda or on subjects related to ayurveda. For more information please contact aneesha@atatv.org

Sponsoring and Advertising 
You may be interested in sponsoring a program or a series of programs on ATATV contact aneesha@atatv.org
Banner Advertising is possible on the face Page of the Channel please contact aneesha@atatv.org



September 14-16 2012 ATATV will be present at AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America) “Skin, Spa & Beauty through Ayurveda” AAPNA’s 4th International Ayurveda Conference to be held in Los Angeles USA. 

April 15-18, 2012: ATATV sponsored a booth at NAMA (National Ayurveda Medical Association) at the 2012 conference “Ayurveda, Healing People Healing Communities” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bellevue, Washington USA.

The response to the channel and the concept of on-line education in ayurveda for the public at large was outstanding and many important connections were made. ATATV gives an opportunity for all people to learn and understand this profound knowledge and implement ayurveda into their lives.

 © According to Ayurveda TV 2012. All Rights Reserved.